I work with process, unseen forces and the nature of encounter. Using installation, multi-media, photography and found objects,  I explore the relationship between consciousness and being. 

In this age of perpetual stimulus and sensorial bombardment, how do we become conscious of our inner and outer experience, and value the space in between?   The magic and wonder of exploring something in another way can allow the invisible to be made visible. By our relation to the feel and essence of things, we can reconnect with our thinking and understanding, and spark new worlds for the imagination. A focus of my work is contemplation and reflection, encouraging sensory integration to build resilience and mental wellbeing.

My work is experiential and interactive, offering people of all ages the opportunity to engage and play with materials, space and the senses. 

I am heavily influenced by science, nature, elemental and spiritual realms, as well as my experiences of motherhood. 

I welcome opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversation and collaboration.